If there is one thing that seems to get earlier and earlier every year then it is definitely the arrival of the mince pies in the shops. 

We have to admit that here at MDN Display and Design we simply love the Christmas season and really look forward to it every single year. If we are honest though, we never truly stop and plan for Christmas by keeping up with the latest retail visual merchandising trends and ideas for the festive season all year round.

The trends for this Winter are a movement towards deep and luxurious jewel tones, with midnight blues, bottle greens, plums and chocolate browns. We simply love these colours and they are just perfect for bringing the outdoors in. Imagine a walk in the woods and the smell of pine from the Christmas trees, the bright moonlight on a cold winters’ night, plum puddings, indulging in a rich hot chocolate by the fire or maybe instead perhaps you are pouring a glass of something stronger like a red wine or a port from a deep green bottle.

Red is also set to continue its reign into winter 2019 and is of course always a popular traditional colour at this time of year sprinkled with a bit of subtle and tasteful sparkle. We’re confident we’ll see all shades of red used alone, paired with pink or in that classic combination of festive red and white.

One of our other favourite Christmas past times and a highlight of the year has to be the joy of the mesmerising Oxford Street Christmas windows. Over the years Michelle De Neys and MDN Display and design have had the opportunity to create many of these amazing Christmas window displays for some very well-known names. 

If you need some help from a freelance window dresser this season, please do drop us a line, we are visual merchandising experts and would love to hear from you. We can help with all types of visual merchandising in retail ranging from your retail store layout design and Christmas window displays to retail point of sale visual merchandising including cardboard display stands. Whether you need a lot of help or just a little, we can certainly tailor the package to suit your needs.